edit: 5/15/19 – it was of course too good to be true. I showed her art to one of my friends and what do you know? Its his art that she’s been stealing and passing off as her own. You may notice on her twitter all of her photos are stolen too. So, take that as you will. I brought the score down a few points.

Blah blah blah, so she’s Dianne99 is a model with huge perfect tits. I already know what you’re thinking, “OMG again, i’m so tired of perfect tits.” Well hold on, there is more than meets the eye with Dianne99. In addition to having the most perfect natural tits you or I will EVER see, Dianne99 has some serious depth and talent. She speaks at least English, German, and Italian. I’m not sure how many other langauges those are just the few I’ve had occasion to hear her (perfectly) speak. She is also quite the talented artist. See for yourself on her profile. Best of all she’s totally a nerd. Perfect!

If you want to have a nice easy going evening nerding out about videogames and music with someone spectacularly beautiful than then I recommend you register an account, immediately add her to your follows and wait for her to arrive. Dont answer the phone, dont go to work…the kids can pick themsevles up from school. If you miss Dianne99, you’re going to regret it, trust me. The kids will understand when they’re mature enough.

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thosetits.com - dianne99

As luck would have it though, she is one of the many featured models, for free, right here at ThoseTitsLive. So, you know – treat yourself. Go say hello in an of those 3 languages and if you whisper “thank you” and listen hard enough you may even hear me whisper back, “you’re welcome”.

Where to find Dianne99’s perfect tits:

If you want to see Dianne engaging in the most erotic self care, like slow passionately moisturizing with lotion (which explains how amazingly supple they are), a whole lot of dildo riding and did I mention the passionate lotioning of those amazing…amazing titties? You can find her engaging in those activities here.

You can find her on twitter here.

I also want to repeat she is an amazing artist. Go check out samples on her twitter. If you dont to let her hypnotize you with her boobs, maybe commission a painting or two?

Dianne99 - Take A Peak At Perfection
Dianne99 - Take A Peak At Perfection 1

Dianne99 is a Unicorn. She's a beautiful, intelligent, and talented nerd. She's the girl they make Jason Biggs movies out of. You know what? Words can not suffice - just go see for yourseslf. Five! all fives!

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